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Monday, May 14th, 2007
10:17 pm
The CW Blog

is another place to leave comments about the show. It's a bit clunky to navigate, but at least the comments don't seem to be censored.

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Saturday, March 17th, 2007
5:35 pm
(Cross-posted to acampbell.

My letter to Al Gough was returned, "Forwarding Order Expired," with a new address for Tollins/Robbins:

4130 Cahuenga Blvd. Suite 305
Toluca Lake, CA 91602-2847

I wonder whether it's worth resending. Is Al Gough involved enough with what happens on the show now to care or make a difference? Would sending it just to the production company help?

None of the other three letters has come back, which is a good sign.

I'll change the address on the userinfo.

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Wednesday, February 28th, 2007
1:00 pm
Cross-posted to acampbell

Hi, Gang,

I think I'm ready with a first draft of my letter, slated to go to Smallville's TPTB: AlMiles, the CW, etc. Of course, minor tweaks will be necessary for each intended audience.

Here are the addresses, once again:

Who to write to about SmallvilleCollapse )

Now, warning, this letter is LONG. I figured it would be easier to get everything on paper and then cut it down, and I am aware it's repetitious in parts. I decided to focus on the elements that bother me the most in the show: the overuse and idealization of Lana, the lack of attention to the Clark/Lex relationship, and poor continuity and characterization in the writing.


1. Do you think it's better to send a long letter and go into great detail, as this does, or make it much shorter? I can do either: I figure the people in charge may be more likely to read a concise letter, while, on the other hand, with a long letter, it's taking advantage of my one opportunity to really have my say!

2. Is there anything significantly offensive or off-putting in the letter?

3. Does anything jump out as too "fannish"? and, yes, I realize that sending something of this length would likely brand me as a SV fangirl.

4. Is there anything included that's an out-and-out error?

5. Can anyone share examples of another "dropped" storyline? besides Lex's blood treatments. My mind's a sieve on the subject. At one time, I would have said: "Level 33.1," but that has now been resurrected.

Anyway, here goes. Let me know what else you think, what should stay, go, etc. I appreciate all input, whether or not I agree with it!:
Letter about SmallvilleCollapse )

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Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
8:04 pm
Welcome and Community Purpose
Welcome to sv_letters. This community, designed to promote correspondence with companies, producers and other individuals in charge of the CW series "Smallville," provides the opportunity to posts drafts of correspondence, completed correspondence, to ask questions and discuss the subject of correspondence in order to provide feedback and suggest improvements for the show.

Questions? Leave a comment below.

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